Give your cast of characters an outfit makeover

Put the bounce back into your avatar’s step with a new outfit!

The next time you load the Comic Builder, drop your avatar – or any character – into a panel and  go to the new Outfits tab in the Art Library. You’ll find a bunch of new ensembles that you can drag right onto your character to change his or her clothes!

If you don’t find anything that quite matches your style, go to My Outfits and launch the awesome new Outfit Builder, where you can customize any combination of clothes from the library.

Save your new outfit when you’re done, and it’ll appear under My Outfits from now on, usable on any character any time. Enjoy!

Art Update – New Scenes!

This morning we’ve just updated the art library with several new scenes. Enjoy!

Art Update – Tools and Street Stuff!

New street and tool props on Bitstrips for Schools

A new batch of props is now available in the Art Library – City street objects and a whole bunch of tools!  With all these cool tools at their disposal, who knows what the students will build next…  Look for the new items in the Street and Tools collections in the Comic Builder’s  Art Library.


Downloading your Comics

Comics have a new option available – click on the download button to save your comic as an image to your computer.

Once you’ve clicked it, depending on your browser, the image will automatically save to your Downloads folder, or you will be prompted where to save your comic.

Once you’ve saved your comic, you can treat it like any other image – add it to a PowerPoint presentation or Word document, or edit it in Photoshop.

Saving your Class Picture

If you have ever wanted to save your class picture as an image, we’ve just added a new feature that will make it a snap. Move your mouse over the class picture and you’ll notice a new Save button appears.

Click it, and you’ll be prompted to choose a location to save your class picture.

Once the picture has saved, you’re free to manipulate it as needed – print it, add it to your blog, put it in the school year book, the possibilities are endless!

An example class picture, once it has saved

Sharing your Comics on a Blog

Today we’ve added a new way of sharing comics outside of your classroom – blog and image links!

Click on the blog icon beneath a comic to view the embed and image tags needed to put your comic in to a blog or on web page.

Teachers can enable or disable this feature in their classroom by going to their settings page.

For more information on how to add the embed or image tags on your blog, visit our help site.

Art Update – Rock Band!

We’ve just added a new batch of props to the Art Library – Rock band instruments!  Now students can rock out with a selection of guitars, drums, keyboard, microphone and even sheet music.  Look for these new items in the ‘music’ collection while in the ‘props’ tab of the Art Library.